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Masjid (Mosque) Program

👉🏻📜My Dear Non Muslim Brothers and Sisters, with Immense Pleasure and Happiness, I Would Like to Invite You, ...

Masjid IbadUrRahman, 9-8-110/C/41, Fateh Darwaza - Dhankhota, Golconda Fort, Hyderabad - 500008, T.S, India.

Jumuah Khutbaat by various scholars

On a regular basis, we have been inviting seniors in all fields besides Ilm e Deen to cater ...

Masjid e IbadUrRahman

Honorable Guests & Visitors

Years Back in 2016, Shaikh Saleh bin Mohammed Al-Talib, Imaam Makkah visited Hyderabad. It was a glad moment ...

Markaz Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hyderabad


Calling people to Allaah is an important task and a glorious mission because it means calling people to ...

Hockey Ground Masab Tank

Ramadan Workshop

Ramadaan is one of the twelve Arabic months. It is a month which is venerated in the Islamic ...

Masjid e IbadUrRahman

Award ceremony

The Management of Masjid e Ibad Ur Rahman is very Passionate in regards to the Guests and Invitees. ...

Masjid e IbadUrRahman