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Award ceremony

The Management of Masjid e Ibad Ur Rahman is very Passionate in regards to the Guests and Invitees.


Especially for our Ulema and Du’aat. At Masjid we undertake the responsibility of various Ijlaas And especially the year’s one (Sa’lana Jalsa) whilst awarding the shawls and medals to our Du’aat and ulema.

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👉🏻📜My Dear Non Muslim Brothers and Sisters, with Immense Pleasure and Happiness, We Would Like to Invite You, Your Family and Friends to Our Visit Our 🕌Masjid (Mosque) Program.

👉🏻This Initiative is to Bring Different Cultures Together and to Promote Peace, Unity, Harmony and Brotherhood within Our Society.

🗓️On Sunday 31st October 2021
👉🏻⏰Visit us at any time between- 11:00 AM till 05:00 PM
📌Venue: 🕌Masjid IbadUrRahman,
9-8-110/C/41, Fateh Darwaza – Dhankhota, Golconda Fort, Hyderabad – 500008, T.S, India

🍱Lunch & Snacks (🥗Veg or 🥘Non Veg) will be served.

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