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👉🏻📜My Dear Non Muslim Brothers and Sisters, with Immense Pleasure and Happiness, We Would Like to Invite You, Your Family and Friends to Our Visit Our 🕌Masjid (Mosque) Program.

👉🏻This Initiative is to Bring Different Cultures Together and to Promote Peace, Unity, Harmony and Brotherhood within Our Society.

🗓️On Sunday 31st October 2021
👉🏻⏰Visit us at any time between- 11:00 AM till 05:00 PM
📌Venue: 🕌Masjid IbadUrRahman,
9-8-110/C/41, Fateh Darwaza – Dhankhota, Golconda Fort, Hyderabad – 500008, T.S, India

🍱Lunch & Snacks (🥗Veg or 🥘Non Veg) will be served.

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